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Currents released their latest album, I Let the Devil In on December 14, 2018

As if I needed any more reason to dig Sharptone records already. This label put out Bleeding Through ‘s most recent album. And well, I LOVED that one… But as far as CURRENTS go… I must have missed these guys when their formation started back in 2011. Upon opening the first track of I LET THE DEVIL IN, I’m taken back a little. Back to the days where The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, and August Burns Red DOMINATED my most seen bands list. This band is definitely something I can get behind, as I dig their take on modern metalcore right off the bat.

This album is Currents debut first full length album on Sharptone Records. Upon listening on Spotify, the album is but a short 38 minutes long total. Don’t let that make you think anything less, though. These 38 minutes definitely pack a good punch.


What I found exceptional and surprising with this record was realizing that only the first half has full complete tracks with vocals. The second half is the instrumental versions of the first half. I’m a sucker for a good instrumental. So… I really found a special listening pleasure being satisfied here. It’s also noteworthy that these specific instrumental versions of these songs will absolutely break the songs down in a very unique way.

Since I don’t have any real complaints about this release musically, I will share my favorite lyrical content from each track.

Track listing:
  1. “Into Despair” – “Under the weight I’m thrown into despair, no solace, no peace. I sit alone and stare.”
  2. “My Disguise” – “I’m trying to read through the feelings that lead me to the light, we say we feel alright, while we starve to feel alive.”
  3. “Feel the Same” – “You don’t get to decide my fate for me or tell me what I lack.”
  4. “The Rope” – “Do you think that everything is meant to be? No take backs, no mistakes, just the design of things.”
  5. “Forever Marked” – “We were the disadvantaged, yet we saw the signs. (Of demise) The truth still denied, buried deep behind the lies. As we try to hide; our tragedy disguised, as we all stand petrified, we die alone; betrayed in time”

Who is this album for?

Currents are what the new wave of metalcore sounds like. As a longtime fan of the genre, I’m not disappointed in the slightest. Having just last year toured with Born of Osiris, Like Moths to Flames, & Ice Nine Kills, I’d say these guys are off to a great start in solidifying their place in the genre. Personally, I will be looking forward to more possible Vegas tour dates in the future. To the fans of some of the above bands mentioned in this overview, I think you’ll definitely dig what CURRENTS has to offer!

Links and other stuff:

Official Website

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Album cover art copyrighted to the band and to Sharptone Records, used for promotional purposes only – All Rights Reserved

By Courtney Ware

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