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‘Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss’ Album Review

The Living – ‘Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss’

The Living are an atmospheric heavy rock band from San Francisco, California.

I always get nervous when the words “avant-garde” and “music” are in the same sentence. I think that is a fear that I will always have however, San Fransisco based band, The Living, happens to pull it off quite well.

2018 brought the release of “Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss” a six-song EP. Kicking off the album is a dreamy and almost haunting song “Dirty Dream”. “Dirty Dream” is followed by a more rock and ’80s vibed song called “Vivaldi”.

My favorite song off the album, “Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss”, is an edgy, goth, pop/rock confection.

The entire album is different than anything I have ever heard. It’s dark, it’s fun, it’s rhythmic, every song being more different than the last.

The Living is definitely a band worth checking out. You can find them at TheLivingBandOfficial.com and on Spotify.

Vivaldi 05:05
Mask 03:44
Leaving 03:02
Stab 04:36

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By Leiah Torres

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