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NEKHRAH – ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ Album Overview

NEKHRAH –  ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ (2017)

  1. Acheron 01:51 instrumental
  2. Cosmic Apostasy
  3. Closed Casket Funeral
  4. Foredoomed
  5. The Face of Pain
  6. Nekhrotise
  7. Acts of Troth
  8. Let There Be Nothing


This is the debut full-length from Nekhrah, a death metal band from the island nation of Cyprus. Formerly known as Impalement, the only other music from this band would be a three song digital-only demo ‘Let There Be Nothing’ released under that name.

The Single

When receiving the link to the single “Nekhrotise” I was a little worried when I noticed that the opening riff went on for a full minute and ten seconds. As awesome of a riff as it is it’s the first quarter of the song. Wasn’t a good sign.

Giving the album a chance, I checked out the rest of the album and was treated to a pretty damn good death metal record. Plenty of catchy and brutal riffs and a runtime that’s less than thirty minutes. Not a long time by any stretch of the imagination but pretty much a perfect length for a fast paced and unrelenting listen as this. To put this in perspective, I had listened to the entirety of the album in less time as it took for my girlfriend to pick her son up from school.


Musically a fairly meat and potatoes death metal album. If the meat is juicy and delicious and served with a loaded baked potato. The vocals I’d have to compare with Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe from the ‘Burn The Priest’ and ‘New American Gospel’ recordings if only in a lower register. Less screeching and honestly better here.

They aren’t quite a melodic death metal band. Or technical enough to be a tech death band. But they sit somewhere in the middle that it shouldn’t be too much a stretch for for a fan of either mirco-genre to find something here to love. All and all this is a safe bet for a fan of death metal.


Find Nekhrah and their album ‘Cosmic Apostasy‘ on here on bandcamp.

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