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Waxpanel – “For Those Left Standing”

WAXPANEL is a Christian alternative/modern grunge band from San Antonio, Texas, that was originally conceived in July of 2008. Current members include Micah Lindner (vocals/guitar), Fletch (bass), James Esquibel (guitar), and Steve Boldway (drums). The band is dedicated to making music that blends their faith in Christ along with their personal life experiences to create a blend of music that is both emotional and from the heart.

Their newest full length release, For Those Left Standing on Pavement Entertainment, is a guitar heavy offering that may surprise those in both the Christian and Secular genres. Grungy, and at times even sludgy, this is not the type of rock you’d expect from a band that makes no excuse of their faith. Songs like “Dying Inside” and “Absolution” seem almost morbid at times, but Micha Lindner’s delivery never gives up hope, and the underlying message is put across without ever being preachy. Bassist Fletch and Guitarist Esquibel keep a driving force behind Boldways hard hitting backbeats. Even the softer songs, such as “My Life for You” are steady and in the pocket, and it’s clear the songs ARE the message throughout.

While I wouldn’t venture to say For Those Left Standing will have a an easy path to mainstream success, as Christian music is either lumped lazily into categories such as “Sounds like Stryper/P.O.D or Skillet” or ignored unfairly, it must be stated the stand out track of the record; “Beginnings” is a power/ pop  piece of brilliant songwriting. Sounding almost like 90’s era Better Than Ezra, the song maybe a foreshadowing of a turn in the road they may wish to consider going down more often in the future, as it may lead to the promised land.

By Dominick Muzio

Dominick has made a career at trying to get Famous and failing miserably He has been a musician actor comedian and writer. Dominick currently sings and plays guitar for Las Vegas band Dominick Muzio and Chemical Tribe and formerly was with the band Wicked Garden and a number of bands in the greater NYC area. You can check out his music on all streaming services!

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