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Death Cab for Cutie Rocks The Joint! (Gallery!)

Death Cab for Cutie, The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel, March 29, 2019

What rock are you living under if you haven’t heard this band’s name before? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, surely a song or two would pop up as familiar as through the years they have been featured on movie and T.V. soundtracks. (I can note “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” being played on the 2011 romcom, Friends With Benefits, featuring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.)

Here is an acoustic version of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” from a few years back, performed by Ben Gibbard

This indie rock/emo fan favorite is from Bellingham, Washington, and they have been active since the late 90’s. (I have to say, the guys look good! Particularly founding member Ben Gibbard!)

Thank You For Today

Death Cab for Cutie’s album, “Thank You For Today” was released in the fall of 2018. The album ranked No.1 on the Top Rock Album chart, as well as the Top Alternative Album chart.

One of the three single’s Death Cab for Cutie released prior to their latest abum dropping on August 17, 2018.

This 2019 tour is VERY extensive, kicking off here in Vegas, and ending in Redmond, WA in SEPTEMBER! (9/8 to be exact.) You go, guys. They’re definitely heavyweights when it comes to the length of time they’re willing to tour. Major props guys!

I won’t make you guys wait any longer, I know why you’re actually here. Check out the gallery I compiled during my time at the show!



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