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Accept - German Metal Men Strike Back With "Life's A Bitch"

“Life’s a Bitch” is a new single release from Accept.

Accept has been rocking out with current vocalist Mark Tornillo for a decade now, having released four full-length albums. Anyone who said there was no life in this band after the departure of classic vocalist Udo Dirkschneider has long since been proven wrong.

The band took an unexpected hit following the departure of bassist/founding member Peter Baltes last year, but the group still carries on, having played a few dates with a fill-in bassist before settling on a permanent replacement. Out of nowhere, the band has given us a new song, though it’s not clear if this was recorded with a new/fill-in bassist or prior to Baltes’ departure (does anyone know?) How does “Life’s a Bitch” fare, and is it another worthy cut for these classic men of heavy metal?

I’m as surprised as anyone these guys are alive and kicking 40+ years on, let alone still making quality music which is damn near the equal of their glory days. There aren’t too many bands I can say that for! Ex-TT Quick frontman Mark Tornillo gave this band new life, and it’s great to see Wolf Hoffmann still doing what he does best on the axe.

“Life’s a Bitch” is a fun track to listen to, more in the style of AC/DC-esque classic hard rock than the all-out metal assault we’ve gotten on most of the tracks of the Tornillo era. Original this song ain’t; it’s definitely more an AC/DC song than an Accept one. I’ve never heard Mr. Tornillo sound this close to Brian Johnson.

But if it’s this much fun to listen to, do you really care?

The band has the time of their life playing this tune; you can tell they enjoyed recording this anthem dedicated to the workingman’s struggles. What truly matters here is it’s a good song, it’s fun to listen to, a little more down-to-earth and relatable than the band at their heaviest and fastest. More commercial but definitely not a drop in quality, it’s a good tune fans should love.

Give “Life’s a Bitch” a listen. Opinions are bound to vary, but let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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