The Faim plays Vinyl!

Not so guilty pleasures.

    Do I need to tell you guys AGAIN about my (not so secret) love of pop punk? Well. Here we go! THE FAIM stole the show for me personally on their night inside Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel. The Aussie four piece is currently on tour supporting Andy Black (Black Veil Brides).


Josh Raven – Lead Vocals

Sam Tye – Guitar

Stephen Beerkens – Bass and Keyboard

Linden Marissen – Drums and Percussion

Electro-Pop Punk-Post Hardcore!

THE FAIM is a mostly upbeat, electro-pop punk-post hardcore outfit. Their use of melody from the keyboards, a steady beat, and guitars/bass that are simple but pleasing to the ear could make one wonder why you aren’t hearing them on the radio. Or maybe wondering why you aren’t hearing about them on some of these other outlets that are known for putting music like this into the public eye!

    Upon the start of their set, I couldn’t help but love the immediate off the bat energy. This was the guys’ first time in Vegas, and they really had a blast. It didn’t take long for the crowd (myself included) to start swaying and dancing to the music these guys were playing. After giving it some serious thought, I couldn’t quite put my finger on who they reminded me of… I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually.

Personal favorites, crowd interaction!

    Several points in the set vocalist Josh Raven could be seen heavily interacting with the crowd, (I love this.) and towards the end of the set, ending up on the bar in the back of the venue! I saw Sharptooth’s Lauren Kashan do this pretty recently, and I love when bands get this bold like this! Their guitarist Sam Tye could also be seen jumping off the stage and running around throughout the set. These guys know how to keep their energy up and their crowd entertained, that’s for sure! You could see happy faces and clapping hands all through the set. This is always a great thing to see.


    The Faim currently has what looks like a 20 minute, six song EP that you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital outlets. They also have released two songs this year, “Amelie” and “Fire”, according to their current activity on Spotify. I definitely dig these guys enough to hope to see them out here again in the future. Possibly on a more upbeat all around bill!

Check out some of The Faim’s tracks below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Nikkita Christine for ZRockR Magazine 2019, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED






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