9Electric Sits Down with ZRockR

I’ve seen 9Electric numerous times in the past, and have always loved their stage presence and energy. So, when asked to do the interview with vocalist Ron Underwood, I had to say yes.

I will say though that sometimes I wish I still had an old school recorder hookup for the phone. Even when the tape would unwind, you could just grab a pencil and fix the issue. Newer technology? If the recorder on your phone isn’t on, you’re S.O.L. Having to summarize things is a pain in the ass. So, in advance to Ron directly – next time you guys are out this way we will sit down for a better, proper interview!


9Electric’s new album Megalith is out now!

9Electric signed to Pavement at the end of last year while bouncing back and forth between Los Angeles and Las Vegas to record with Shawn McGhee.

During the writing and recording process, the band went back down to “bare bones”. Underwood mentioned having melodies saved on his phone, as did drummer Caleb Hill. Bringing everything together seemed to flow seamlessly, each song only taking about 6-8 hours.

Underwood mentioned always having iconic sounds in mind, whether it be a drum sound or guitar. Having these ideas mixed with his influence of science fiction make for amazing songs. This method definitely worked for them, as the band has gotten great responses from the public and from radio, as well as recouping from the recording process monetarily, which is purely unheard of.

If you’ve seen 9Electric live, you know how high energy their set can be. Their songs are typically synth heavy, but having broken the mold a little bit with the new album, I wondered how it would affect the stage performance. According to Underwood, it really won’t affect the show. Being more stripped down gives the notes “room to breathe” and allows the listener to absorb more.

9Electric performing at Las Vegas’ LVCS in 2014.

I’ve heard the new album, Megalith, and I’ve been following the band for a few years now. As a fan, I think it is a great step in the right direction, and it’s something fresh for them. Underwood states the band will continue to write, but now that they have broken their mold, they can kind of do whatever; which is great to hear. I love when a band breaks out of their formula and doesn’t pigeonhole themselves.

While there are currently no tour plans, Underwood mentioned potential festival shows coming up. Keep your eye out for dates and pick up a copy of Megalith, which is out now! I look forward to seeing the songs performed live next time they hit Las Vegas.

PHOTO CREDIT: Live photos of 9Electric and Ron Underwood by Christina Rosenfeld for ©ZRockR Magazine in 2014.

Album Art ©9Electric – Pavement Entertainment






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