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Florida’s very own gem of a band, New Found Glory, are making their way back around the U.S for a new tour. Last time we saw the guys they were doing their “Sick Tour” but, we will get back to that shortly.

New Found Glory in Las Vegas 2018

New Found Glory is promoting their new seven-song EP “From The Screen to Your Stereo 3”. If you’re not familiar with the band, they have released two other EP’s with the same title. Each one consisting of covers of songs that we fell in love with on the big screen. I won’t lie, the first EP in this collection is a guilty pleasure of mine. Dare I say it? NFG’s “Glory of Love” cover might just be better than the original. Remember “Let It Go” from Frozen? Well, just when you thought you got that out of your head it’s back and possibly catchier. You can also look forward to getting “Cups” jammed into your brain. This new EP is basically bringing back every song that made your head ache because you couldn’t get those songs out of your head. It’s delicious and fresh sounding just like the others.

I had the opportunity to catch these guys for their “Sick Tour” and there was no shortage of fun, angst, and nostalgia. In fact, it was easily one of my favorite shows of the year.

New Found Glory in Las Vegas 2018

Along with New Found Glory, you can catch openers The Early November and Doll Skin on select dates. I predict that “From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town” will be a show to not miss in fact, four shows have already sold out. So get your tickets now!

For a full list of tour dates, to stream, or to purchase “From The Screen to Your Stereo 3” visit www.newfoundglory.com

ZrockR looks forward to seeing you July 5th at The House of Blues Las Vegas! Check out our coverage of their last tour here!

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