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Do you like extreme power metal!? Well then, here’s your chance to catch DRAGONFORCE on their latest tour! The power metal veterans are set to hit Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on October 3rd. Dance with the Dead and Starkill are the opening acts for this run.

Extreme Power Metal!

DRAGONFORCE are due to release a new album on September 27, 2019; appropriately named, “EXTREME POWER METAL”. If you are unaware of Dragonforce and their sound, the best way I could explain it is that it sounds like high tempo video game music on steroids. Herman Li (lead guitarist), is well known for his ability to completely crush it with his playing!

Have a listen to what’s new with Dragonforce on this recently released music video!

I haven’t seen this band perform in well over a decade, and I couldn’t give you specifics on the show or who they played with… The only thing I remember is that it was at the House of Blues. Ha! With an (almost) completely new line up other than Herman Li and Sam Totman, (these two guitarists are founding members. Est 1999!) Marc Hudson replaced ZP Theart on vocals in 2010 ish, and from what I have heard from him, he carries his tones and matches the music well. (Kudos, sir!) Gee Anzalone is on drums, and is also the newest member of this group, having started playing with the band in 2014. 

What might we be able to expect from the guys’ live show now in 2019?

Well, obviously fan favorites such as “Through the Fire and Flames” and “Operation Ground and Pound” both from 2006’s Inhuman Rampage record; “Cry Thunder” from 2012’s The Power Within record; and obviously the two most recently released tracks from this years “Extreme Power Metal”; “Highway to Oblivion” and “Heart Demolition”. I would love to see them play “Soldiers of the Wastelands”; which was a most played song on my iPod back in the day; along with “Body Breakdown”, which makes me think of Sonic the Hedgehog. The video game influence is ever present with these guys and it’s fucking awesome to listen to!

Make sure you pick up the new album on 9/27 and we hope to see you out at the show!

Check out the popular tracks from Dragonforce below!

By Courtney Ware

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