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Gods of Hate drop 'Kildare' single!

Beneath the glitz and glam of Las Vegas; underneath the flashing lights and prominence of 80’s revival and cover bands lies a scene that doesn’t seem to get much light. That scene consists of death metal and deathcore alike, which many may not be aware of. As a regular in this specific niche of the scene; I can safely say we have more gems there than I could properly count. GODS OF HATE are among those gems, and they JUST released their latest official track!

The track title is “Kildare”. Produced by Dustin Allen of Vatican Falling, and mixed by Josh Bearden of Distinguisher; this track is a swift punch in the face! It’s an intense preview of what’s to come from these Vegas residing dudes. Preston Graff has the kind of vocals that would deeply be admired from anyone who was into the Mitch Lucker days; (RIP Mitch) of Suicide Silence; while the rest of the guys play in such a style that even a Suffocation fan could appreciate.


GODS OF HATE draw influences from; The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art is Murder, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and a variety of other bands that fit comfortably in the deathcore/death metal genres. These guys are absolutely for you if you’re into any of those listed!

If you haven’t heard of GODS OF HATE, they’re definitely something to check out if you dig standing on the darker side of metal. They have played out at Eagle Aerie Hall in Henderson; and they also opened up for The Black Dahlia Murder the last time those guys rolled through downtown!


Their next show date will be December 13th at 601 Fremont with Cattle Decapitation, Unearth, Darkest Hour, Athiest and MANY more! If you’re planning on being at that event you definitely need to hit up the stage they’re playing! We’ll be there, and we will see you in the pit if you’re there as well!

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