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OBGMs Release Their New Album "The Ends"

When I was asked to review the OBGMs new album The Ends, I didn’t know what to think. I haven’t heard this band before or even heard of them. So, this is was a totally new experience for me.

The beginning of the album is confusing, but I think that’s by design. Still not 100% what exactly it is I’m listening to but I’m intrigued.

As it goes farther in I’m getting a clusterfuck of so many styles mixed together at points making me uncertain what’s coming next. One second it’s some random noise music. Then it’s fast thrash and it all jumps around in short spans; continuing to confuse me even coming off kind of like Nu-Metal at times.

The singles they are using for this album aren’t as confusing as the rest of the album to me. They don’t jump around nearly as much on tracks like “All of My Friends”. “Fight Song” is noisier but still a little more in a straight direction then the rest of the album

You can tell that the band was definitely trying to go for something new; or at least step out of their boundaries on this. 

Overall, my first listen wasn’t the worst thing, but it definitely had me wondering where the influence on certain things come from. I don’t exactly know if I liked it or not yet, but there is potential for it to grow on me from further listening. 

I since checked OBGMs out more thoroughly; and it’s wild how far of a change this is from the past work they have put out.

Solid 2.5/5

Video for "Fight Song" by the OBGMs.

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