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OCEANO to dominate FCC!

This Thursday, September 22, 2022 OCEANO will be performing at Fremont Country Club in Downtown Las Vegas. With them they are bringing along LEFT TO SUFFER, and CROWN MAGNETAR. Also performing are our local friends and badasses, SHEER COLD, EMPIRE OF A RUIN. and DREDGE. This is sure to be one of those shows that you don't want to miss! This show is part of a small set of off tour dates for the Carnifex DEAD IN MY ARMS 15th Anniversary tour. (If you're in any of those cities, definitely hit up those shows as well!)

Sheer Cold / Empire of a Ruin / Dredge

It should be no surprise by now that my locals are way important to me. To see Sheer Cold and Empire of Ruin on this line up is just bitchin'. Both those bands have absolutely killer live shows, and I can't say enough just how much I enjoy them. They both offer some of the best that the heavier side of the scene has!

I can't recall if I've seen Dredge or not, they are regulars around the Las Vegas hardcore scene, and I haven't ventured too much into that side in a while. I've seen really intense and awesome documentation of their shows and it looks like they put on a really great show as well. I always love that.

Left to Suffer / Crown Magnetar

Crown Magnetar is a newer name to me. Classed as Technical Deathcore, these guys will be right up your alley if you're into any deathcore in general, but also have a craving for some classic tech death. They have been featured on the SLAM WORLDWIDE youtube channel, which is a haven for all those into all the more niche metal scenes. I'm expecting some crazy mosh pit action during their set! (As I sit here and bang my head to their 2021 music video for the song "Deciphering.")

If you've been keeping tabs on some of the things I do, we recently covered Left to Suffer on another tour run supporting their latest EP release; And Dying Forever. These guys are definitely one of those up and coming bands that fans of the genre should be keeping tabs on. Vocalist Taylor Barber has been featured on Chris Garza's podcast, and he can also be seen on his socials doing a variety of different vocal based videos. All the guys in Left to Suffer are also very active on their pages when it comes to their fans. It's not an unusual sighting to see comment threads back and forth between them and their listeners!


Oceano has always held a special place in my deathcore discovery. Many many years ago I saw them perform at a number of Vegas venues and had the opportunity to hang out with them. I'm sure they don't remember this, but I do. I can't remember which bill it was, but there was a night at The Farm that ended up getting shut down, and Oceano actually ended up playing this really cool house show. The big empty house was provided by a fan, and it was just a really cool experience.

"Depths" has always been a regular on my rotations of listening. It has always been such a stand out album in my eyes and I wish it got more attention than it did at the time. It always seemed like these guys were a tad overshadowed by the bigger giants of deathcore.

Check out the Punk Rock MBA on the topic of Deathcore bands that should have been bigger!

On the latest release it looks like Oceano have evolved a bit from the standard chuggy deathcore sound and have added some more melody. This is pretty apparent on their latest song, "Mass Produced." This is their first release since 2017, but I can hear some noticeable progression from that release to now as well.

Because it's been so long since I've seen these guys, (super aware of the last shows they had out here, I just unfortunately missed them.) I almost have a blank slate when it comes to my opinion about their live performances. They're essentially not completely the same band I saw and met in late 2008-09. Because of that, I'm honestly excited to see and observe the growth and changes that have taken place through the years.

See you in the pit, Vegas!

Additional Info:

For more information click on some of the links below! There is also a weblink at the bottom for tickets to this banger show. (However, we STRONGLY advise you to hit up the locals, Sheer Cold, Empire of Ruin, and Dredge for less fees, and for a hard copy of the ticket!)

Oceano (Sumerian Records)
Left To Suffer
Crown Magnetar
Sheer Cold
Empire Of Ruin
Instagram/Dredgekills *Online Tickets Available Here*

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