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October 22nd, Vegas’ “Deepest Red Goth Night” lives up to its name. Hosted by Morpheus Blak, Scarlet at Artifice brings together 2 tours for a stacked line up of goth heavy hitters with Julien-K, Priest, and Vision Video. This year has been a good year for the post-punk and dark-wave scene here in Vegas, from Twin Tribes packing the Artifice back in April to Boy Harsher selling out Triple B’s. The goths have shown up in groves to express their gratitude. Scarlet this Saturday was no different. The Artifice, yet again was packed to the brim.


Founded by former members of the late Orgy, Julien-K started off the night with the heavier and faster paced sounds. These guys absolutely rocked the house. Despite having a drunk guy attempt to ruin the vibes, lead singer Ryan Shuck did a great job at handling the situation and keeping the crowd’s spirits at max levels. From just looking at these guys, you can tell they know how to work a stage.


Hailing all the way from Sweden, Priest graces the stage in Vegas for their 2nd North American show ever. Dressed from head to toe in spike studded leather, Priest brought the dark and synth laden melodies that they are known for; However, if you think that its just them up there with a keyboard and a drum machine, you would be mistaken. The guitarist wasn’t just strumming his guitar but playing it using a violin bow, drawing out that eerie synth sound that the entire crowd were soaking up. After that warm reception, I do not think that this will be the last time we see Priest here in Vegas.

Vision Video

For their 2nd Vegas show of the year, Vision Video is back! After the tunes of the acts prior, “Goth Dad” and fellow band members continue to bring the dreary fast past rhythms. Listening to these guys really makes you want to just lose yourself on the dance floor. Though there were a couple technical difficulties during their set, nothing like a few dad jokes from “Goth Dad” to keep the crowd laughing and cringing at the same time. Definitely a show where every single act absolutely killed it on stage.


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