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‘Upon The Fields Of Grief’ Pre-Order Available Now

Anticipated by many after the 3 promising singles self-released by the band, Finland’s SHADE OF SORROW finally announce the street date of the forthcoming debut with M-Theory Audio. June 28th marks the release of ‘Upon the Fields of Grief.’ Featuring striking cover art by Gogo Melone (Kamelot, Ablaze My Sorrow, Mariana’s Rest) the album, available on CD and limited edition (300 onyx marble) colored vinyl, is available for preorder now HERE https://lnk.to/shadeofsorrow 

SHADE OF SORROW started in 2017 when founder Mika Kankainen, former drummer of Soul Terror and Warceremony, was writing material and playing all the instruments himself, including drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, while also handling vocals thus showcasing his immense talent and virtuosity. These songs started to catch the attention of other musicians and producers who in 2020 encouraged Mika to deliver on his promise and he began to record the material to share with the world. A year later digital singles and accompanying music videos started to premiere, each self-released, including No Return and “Fabricated Hope,” followed by Meteor in 2022 which gained further attention including that of M-Theory Audio, who signed SHADE OF SORROW in 2023.

Since Mika has finished writing and co-producing a full album, ‘Upon the Fields of Grief,’ with Esa Uusimaa (Crowen, Rain of Acid, Wolfheart), who also mixed, and Saku Moilanen (Before the Dawn, Aeonian Sorrow, Red Moon Architect) with vocal production by Juha Kylmanen (To/Die/For, For My Pain…). Mastering was handled by Juho Raiha (Before the Dawn, Swallow the Sun). Now that this epic work is complete Mika is ready to share his bleak visions and strong performances with the world this summer.

”’Upon the Fields of Grief’ takes you to my mindset and perspective, where I see the world slicing its wrists and drowning us all. It’s a personal survival kit from this absolute darkness that we call life,” explains Mika Kankainen. “The bitter vinegar of endless disappointments and personal hate, disgust and aggression coming 100% from the heart. Black n’ dark is not enough to describe this macabre rollercoaster that this album gives you. It’s a one-man manifestation from the deepest northern darkness. Prepare to experience the coldest wind and grief from the north. From Finland with hate.”

More new music and album information on SHADE OF SORROW and the upcoming album revealed in the months leading up to release.

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