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Crimson Riot

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The Koffin Kats & More at BBB!

Friday, April 28th Backstage Bar & Billiards (Triple B/BBB) was the place to be. Walking into the venue, it didn’t look too packed, but as the night went on it…

Classy Punk For Trashy People – The Newest From Crimson Riot!

History. If you’re from the Las Vegas area, Roxy Gunn Project is basically a household name. However, in 2017 when long-time guitarist Jon Mills left the band, it was time…

Vegas Rock Revolution presents: Void Vator!

Vegas Rock Revolution Presents: Void Vator With guests Crimson Riot, and The Babes (AUS) Counts Vamp’d July 19, 2018     What should you be doing on a Thursday night in…