Classy Punk For Trashy People – The Newest From Crimson Riot!


If you’re from the Las Vegas area, Roxy Gunn Project is basically a household name. However, in 2017 when long-time guitarist Jon Mills left the band, it was time to take things in a new direction. And so Crimson Riot was born…

Comprised of remaining members Roxy Gunn (vocals/guitar), Chris Reject (vocals/bass), and Ryan J (vocals/drums), Crimson Riot has been not only taking the Vegas valley by storm, but touring all over the West, preaching their punk rooted gospel to the people.

After winning Top Golf’s “Who Will Rock You?” series in 2018, the band did what they do best – made fun tunes.

Crimson Riot performing “Riot” on Top Golf’s Who Will Rock You:

Summer of 2019 has brought the band’s debut album Classy Punk For Trashy People to light.

Now, I enjoy Roxy Gunn Project’s stuff, but it does not hold a candle to what these three have created with Crimson Riot.

The Album.

Each song on the album is high energy and fun. It’s music you can turn on and find yourself smiling to whether you’re cleaning house or just zoning and listening.

The opening track, “Hurt”, has feels of Bad Religion, and immediately grabs you by the throat. Gunn’s vocals are stronger belting out punk better than anything I’ve heard her sing before, and her guitar tone on this track is what makes it feel so familiar. The band also released a video for the tune, which was filmed at local punk pizza place, Evel Pie.

Crimson Riot’s Music Video for “Hurt”:

“I’m Not Punk” is fronted by bassist Reject, and is a hilarious ‘fuck you’ to those who think you have to look certain way to be punk. It’s a fun reminder that punk is more than just a fashion statement, but it will probably go over most people’s heads. People kind of suck like that.

Ryan J’s simple drum beat brings in one of my favorite songs on the album, “Lola”, but that does not mean his drumming is simple! The drums are the backbone of every song on this album, giving you hints of all the classic punk bands throughout the record.

“Here’s the Bad News Laura (The Shake Machine Is Down)” was the first taste that we got of Crimson Riot’s original when they started up. Wow, I totally did not mean to pun there, but it works. This silly song is something we can all relate to – post gig munchies. What’s worse than the post gig munchies? Not being able to quench that craving.

Crimson Riot’s video for “Here’s the Bad News Laura (The Shake Machine Is Down):

Rounding out the album is “Riot”, perfectly drawing our listening time to a close. The song was performed by the band on “Who Will Rock You?” It won over the audience and the judges, and helped propel the band forward.


Classy Punk For Trashy People ultimately feels like Summer when I was a teen, discovering power punk for myself. The album takes classic feels from all the punk-bands we grew up with and breathes life into a new generation of punk.

Get your copy of the album by heading to the band’s website HERE !


If you are in the Vegas area on July 12th, you can find Crimson Riot down at Evel Pie along with The Darts, who stole our hearts at Punk Rock Bowling Day 2!

You can also find them September 20th at Punk the Burbs Fest 3 with headliners Tsunami Bomb!

PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: All photos and video ©Crimson Riot – Used with Permission


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