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The New “Supergroup” That Will Leave You Wanting More


I’ve never been the biggest fan of “supergroups”. You know, the rock n’ rollers from different bands forming into one to make music together outside of their respected bands. I always figured that they were just people who were bored of their original music, looking for something new to hold onto. Boy was I in for a surprise.


On a hot night, accompanied by my cold beer, I got to witness Between A Rock, a group formed by Wayne Carver (Flash, Quiet Riot), Jeff Tortora (Blue Man Group and Joey Belladonna's band), Louie Merlino (Beggars and Thieves), and Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Billy Squier). The audience went absolutely wild for these guys, singing along to everything from “Summer of 69” to “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, a song that was performed with singer Louie Merlino drumming and drummer Jeff Tortura singing.


The band was as tight as tight can be as the energy they gave to the audience was thrown right back at them, making for a perfect show. It’s absolutely wonderful when what’s happening on stage resonates with those standing in the crowd. I suggest you check them out and attend this perfection as soon as you can!

~Stephy Hayward

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