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Vrillon – ‘Wizard’ EP Review

The album cover of “Wizard”

Vrillon – ‘Wizard’ EP Review

Bath, England-based Indie Rock Group, Vrillon is back with their ‘Wizard’ EP which dropped in December.

Band Members
Will Hegarty (Bass/Vocals)
Charlie Quarren-Evans (Guitar/Vocals)
Henry Goddard (Guitar)
George Armstrong (Drums)

The three-song EP is reminiscent of early 90’s grunge rock. The leading track “Wizard” is a deliciously moody track. “Last” is darker. The songs seem to focus on the fears and anxieties of their native country.

‘Wizard’ seems to be a labor of love for Vrillon. “Even though the songs have a dark feeling to them, our goal is for them to inspire hope for our generation.” Says William, Vrillon’s lead singer and lyricist.

Vrillon’s Wizard single via Soundcloud

The EP is short and sweet. If you’re into the likes of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, or Soundgarden, this EP could be for you, and I would recommend it.

You can check out Vrillon on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Other Social media websites are as followed:



Editors note: There is no official website for this band currently. Their Facebook states that they are young, (under age 18) and are unsigned. This is an independent record in it’s entirety. The band looks to be most active on Soundcloud, Spotify, and has some more updated photos posted on Instagram. They have a couple upcoming shows in Bristol and in their hometown of Bath, UK.


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