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On August 29, 2019 UPON A BURNING BODY hit Backstage Bar & Billiards in Downtown Las Vegas. As I had mentioned in my precoverage article, I hadn’t seen these guys in quite some time. This tour is directly supporting their new album titled, “Southern Hostility.”

(As I also mentioned, this album is bitchin’, so give it a listen if you’re into modern deathcore!)


Opening up the show for us this night were A PERFECT BEING, ALURA, SPEAKING WITH GHOSTS, and OF VIRTUE. Unfortunately I came in after A Perfect Being’s set, but I’ve seen these guys a number of times, and they are wonderful. They’ve got great energy, and I hope to see them lift off here in the future!

Alura was up next, and once again I am blown away by the talent in this city. They really hyped up the crowd and kept the energies on the up and up. Their vocalist could be seen jumping off and on the stage into the pit, and the crowd loved it! From what I can gather these guys are relatively new, and are reborn from from the ashes of We Gave it Hell. (I’m pretty sure I have CD’s of theirs, and well, they’re fucking sick.) Definitely something to keep an eye on in the heavier part of the Las Vegas/Henderson music scene.

Speaking with Ghosts and Of Virtue were our two final pregame acts before Upon a Burning Body hit the stage. Again circling back, I had skimmed the catalogues of both these bands prior to this show, and I really liked what I heard. Seeing them live, my feelings on that level are just heightened. Both bands put on their own brand of high energy sets. By the end of it all, everyone was riding a musical high while awaiting the headliner.

Upon a Burning Body

One of my favorite things about Backstage Bar & Billiards is the feeling of intimacy you get with the band or performer on stage. There was no barricade betweeen the crowd and the band this night. And the fans in the front row loved it. The mosh pit was also in full swing for the entire night; and the diverse picks of the setlist had everyone up on the high rise into the late evening. (I mention this because of a hilarious interaction I had with some fans after the show. They were jacked up on all sorts of energy!)

Upon a Burning Body Gallery #1

I couldn’t give you exact details of the Upon a Burning Body show I caught back in 2013; but I can defnitely say they’ve evolved since I last saw them. They’ve upgraded with their own lighting and smoke machine set ups. This made for some really great photo and video captures throughout the night! There were also some minor technical difficulties randomly, but that didn’t stop the guys from tearing up that stage.

Upon a Burning Body Gallery #2

Upon a Burning Body will be on tour through the end of September! So if they hit your city go check them out!

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PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Courtney Ware for ZRockR Magazine, All Rights Reserved.

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