• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Our friend John Gist strikes again! We ended August with three absolutely killer California rock bands at one of our favorite venues, Count’s Vamp’d. Great Electric Quest (San Diego); Void Vator (Los Angeles); and HAUNT (Fresno).

If there’s anything we’ve come to know about our friend John, he’s got quite an ear for bands that carry that good ole rock and roll vibe that some people may think we’re missing in this day and age.

Great Electric Quest

You can check out some of our other coverage which features Great Electric Quest HERE. They are an insanely talented group of guys and you do not want to miss them if you see them on any future bill! Mucho’s drumming will leave you in awe, as will Buddy’s stellar guitar skills!

Void Vator

Void Vator is another regular on John’s list of bands that he brings through the city, and they’re one of my favorites! I never miss a chance to see these guys perform. They’ve got the looks that kill, and the talent to go along with it. This night was pretty special, as they had Exmortus drummer Adrian Aguilar fill in on drums. Previous coverage of these guys can be found HERE!


This was the first time we’ve caught Haunt, although I believe they have been here on Vegas Rock Revolution bills previously. I can honestly say I was blow away by the talent that was up on that stage. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as Mystical Heavy Metal. If I had to give a specific description, that term is actually pretty accurate. I remember being mesmerized by the detail that these guys put into their music. Everything from the intricate guitar soloing, to the complimenting bass lines and drumming. The vocals tie it in for an all around rock and roll experience!

I hope to see these guys back in the future. But until then, I’ll just have this playlist playing. Check it out below!

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Courtney Ware for ZRockR Magazine, All Rights Reserved.

By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, editor, and writer. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Avid music lover, but favorites include thrash metal, deathcore, metalcore, and post hardcore. - Photography is my passion, and I've carried cameras around for as long as I can remember. I endlessly strive for the constant growth and capabilities this medium can offer. Nothing makes me happier than capturing emotions that I see, and sharing my knowledge in how I did it. - I have an undying love for my local music scene, having been a part of it since my teens.

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