• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Strung Out and The Casualties came back to Vegas with locals Lambs to Lions and War Called Home.

It was a Thursday night I believe, and the crowd packed Dive for this what seemed like an interesting tour pairing; with The Casualties playing street punk and Strung Out playing melodic hardcore, but it worked anyways.

On with the Show.

Unfortunately, I got there late and didn’t get to see War Called Home or my buds in Lambs to Lions. I feel bad about it as I know how stoked they were about opening the show.

I got there as The Casualties were setting up and said hi to the friends hanging outside in between bands; until I heard music start and made my way inside. The Casualties, along with their “new” singer Dave from Krum Bums and Starving Wolves, powered through a set featuring some of the new stuff off the most recent album, and plenty of The Casualties classics. They were even joined by Strung Out’s singer Jason Cruz for a Ramones cover.

At one point, Dave crowd surfed around basically the entire bar. This drunk girl standing next to me tried to climb a speaker; almost bringing it down on top of her but she just fell instead. All in all it was a pretty rowdy set for Dive, and one of the more fun ones I’ve been to for awhile. And I’ve seen all the wildest shit happen there!

Strung Out.

Next up was Strung Out. It had been about a year since the last time they had come through. The crowd for them was way different as one would expect; more complete with people singing along the entire night. They played a lengthy set of new and old songs and of course the favorites scattered through, but everyone knows how that goes.

It was a fun night. Would recommend having gone out instead of sitting on you ass.


PHOTO CREDIT: All photos courtesy of Holly Ann Wood – Bang You’re Dead Photography. Used with permission.

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