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Scary Kids Scaring Kids: 15 years of ‘The City Sleeps in Flames’ Tour to hit DTLV

    On Saturday, January 18, 2020 Scary Kids Scaring Kids will make their way back to Vegas after a long TEN years. (This is why we never believe in farewell tours, by the way…) The guys were most active from 2002 to 2010, and I can remember them being one of the most talked about post hardcore acts of that time period. 

Scary Kids Scaring Kids said farewell in February of 2010 with direct support from MOD SUN. The band’s decision to call it quits was a mutual agreement between all members. BUT NOW THEY’RE BACK! And they will be performing a handful of dates to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘The City Sleeps in Flames’.

    On this tour Scary Kids Scaring Kids will be bringing out SECRETS and PUSH OVER for the ride. The Vegas date will be held at 601 Fremont, at the Fremont Country Club. 

The Announcement

    This announcement of shows is special, though. Not only are Scary Kids Scaring Kids celebrating 15 years of their first full length album; (ex) Saosin vocalist Cove Reber will be singing. I was always especially partial to his work with Saosin so it’ll be great to see him perform again after all these years. Also joining will be Don Vedda (Jamie Elsewhere); as well as Jordan Flower (Mercies).

    How do you guys feel about the return of this post-hardcore staple of the early 2000’s? I encourage you guys to take a listen to the band’s most recent release, which was written in memory of Tyson Stevens, who passed away from a suspected heroin overdose in 2014. He was 29 years old. The song is pretty intense, but in a really beautiful way.

Loved Forever

    While you’re at it, go listen to ‘The City Sleeps in Flames’, too! Enjoy it, and we’ll see you in the pit, Vegas!

The City Sleeps in Flames

For merch and more information, head on over to the band’s official website HERE

Scary Kids Scaring Kids is most definitely for those in the likes of other post hardcore acts, such as THRICE, SILVERSTEIN, SENSES FAIL, and DANCE GAVIN DANCE. If you’ve liked any of our coverage of those acts, make sure you check out SKSK, too!

By Courtney Ware

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