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    Oh what a long year and a half it’s been. Within the last few months we’ve seen concerts and shows return to Vegas in just about all of the venues in the valley. This obviously pleases us to no end! Among some of those events, one that I am very much excited for is August Burns Red. They will be hitting Brooklyn Bowl inside the Linq Promenade on October 15th with supporting bands; Fit for a King, Erra, and Like Moths to Flames. This tour is a TEN year dedication to the album, “Leveler.”

    About “Leveler”

    “Leveler” is August Burns Red’s FOURTH studio album. It was released in June of 2011. The band released a special version to celebrate it’s ten years, the new version has guest vocals, new tunings and fresh solos! (Internal Cannon ft Matt Heafy of Trivium; Pangaea ft Misha Mansoor of Periphery, and Poor Millionaire ft Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King,) It was also released on August Burns Red’s label, ABR Records, which… lets be honest… it’s very impressive that they’ve got their own personal label!

    On a more personal note, I haven’t yet heard anything by these guys that I don’t absolutely fall in love with. “Leveler” is yet another album that is easy to listen to seamlessly all the way through. 

What to expect?

    Obviously we’ll expect to hear a play through of this whole album! Much like they did for the Constellation’s ten year, we’ll likely also hear other fan favorites from Thrill Seeker, Messengers, and possibly some of the newer releases. Regardless of what they choose to play along with the Leveler album, they are sure to please all those who attend! 

Tickets for this tour can be purchased through August Burns Red official website HERE!

Listen to the Leveler 10th anniversary release below!

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By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, sometimes editor, and writer for ZrockR Magazine- I am a mother, wife, photographer and a metalhead. Las Vegas Native. I first picked up a camera at 12 years old and I have been carrying one around ever since. I have an incredibly deep connection and love for my Las Vegas local music scene, this is where I first fell in love with music photography and knew that this is what I wanted to be doing with my time here on this planet. I say I'm a metalhead but I really love all kinds of music, I just connect the most with metal. Concerts are my happy place, and the happiest you'll ever see me is at a show with my camera in hand!

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