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The Return of A Day to Remember!

Man oh man! A Day to Remember will make their return to Las Vegas on October 17th to the Theater at the Virgin Hotel. (Formerly The Joint at the Hard Rock.) With them they’re bringing Asking Alexandria and Point North. When it comes to Asking Alexandria, I can’t really speak too much. Though I hear they’ve done well for themselves through the years. I think they played an Extreme Thing date a long time ago and they just didn’t leave an impression on me, personally. That’s just me, though. If you like them, by all means, have at it and have a ball! I’ve seen Point North a couple of different times though; and it’ll be really cool to see them on an even bigger stage than I have previously. 

Fuck the gatekeepers!

    I more often than not go out of my way these days to completely ignore gatekeepers and elites in just about all of these genres that I listen to. Seriously, fuck that shit. Way to take some of the fun out of this and enjoying music in general. With that being said, I couldn’t tell you at all what my past friends from the scene think about A Day to Remember and their musical progression. Quite frankly, I don’t really care.

First thing’s first. When I listen to these guys, each album, one after the next, it is apparent that they have tremendous growth as artists. Do I love those first records “And Their Name Was Treason” (2005) and “For Those Who Have Heart” (2007)? Absolutely! Don’t even get me started on the “Homesick” (2009) album; and how many nights I spent in a party house with it on full volume with a ton of kids from the local scene. 2013’s “Common Courtesy” and 2016’s “Bad Vibrations” were releases that I also found myself really enjoying as well.

Fortunately I caught their 2017 tour when they came through and SOLD THE FUCK out of the Brooklyn Bowl. I don’t think I had ever seen so many people in one place for a post hardcore/pop punk fused band. And that venue is on the bigger side of midsize. There were so many people everywhere and it was nuts! I lost my voice that night. That detail alone forces that show to stick out in my mind, since vocal disruption doesn’t happen to me very often! Ha!

A Day to Remember & Marshmello

    What really made me love these guys even more was when they collaborated with Marshmello; who is an electronic music producer and artist. “Rescue Me” was something my 9 year old son found an immediate connection to. He already would sit around listening to Marshmello on YouTube around the time of that song’s release. I love anything that I can connect with my kids on, when they like the music as me, it’s a huge win!

    Present Day

Earlier this year, A Day to Remember released their tenth full length album (7th studio recorded) titled “You’re Welcome.” I’ve had this album playing on repeat at random times throughout the days. And I can’t help but look at the lyrical growth. Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon is talking about more real life stuff than ever which I think is easy for almost anyone to relate and connect to. Saying that despite some other reviews I’ve skimmed that are essentially criticizing the fact that the record was finished in 2019, and released in 2021. Because it doesn’t reflect literally any of the current climate of our existence, I feel like it gave some of those extra critique-ers ammo. I digress, though. In my opinion, it’s a very interesting album that is really easy to listen to. 

Go see the live show!

    If you’ve never actually seen A Day to Remember live, this show is sure to be a long awaited treat. These dudes put on one of the most fun shows around. Shit, you could not really be into them and you’re likely to enjoy their live show. I always remember all the confetti and streamers; and the guys throwing toilet paper rolls into the crowd when I saw them at that Brooklyn Bowl show in 2017. It was seriously so much fun. Shit, even when I look back further to the Rock the Block show downtown years ago; THAT was fucking fun too! All around these guys just put on a great show. No matter where you sit with them you should probably just go see them live and have fun jumping around. The guys are sure to play all their biggest songs and then some!

For tickets to this tour, and all things A Day to Remember, head on over to www.adtr.com

Listen to “You’re Welcome”

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