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Bohemian Queen, a group called “The World’s Most Passionate Queen Tribute,” will be holding a three-night residency at the South Point Hotel/Casino here in Las Vegas on Friday July 15, Saturday July 16, and Sunday July 17.

The influence Queen has had on the world of not only rock and roll, but music and popular culture on a broader scale, is undeniable. Is there a single human being in the civilized world who doesn’t know who Freddie Mercury is? Who hasn’t heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” and tried to sing along? Who can’t name a single song by the band?

Perhaps equally unsurprisingly, Queen tribute bands have become a reality over the years. Despite my love of classic rock music, particularly that of Queen, I’ve never seen any of these acts before in concert. Sure, I’ve heard assorted bands perform Queen covers over the years, and I ever saw Brian May and Roger Taylor doing a show with vocalist Paul Rodgers back in 2006. But I’ve never seen a full-on Queen tribute show. Being born in 1984, I was unfortunately only seven years old when Mercury passed away, so I never had the chance to see the real thing with the classic four members including that iconic frontman.

Based what I’ve seen and read so far (and I’m certainly enthused for the occasion), Bohemian Queen certainly sounds like it’ll be the next best thing, complete with costume changes across the eras. The band’s lineup includes Paulie Z, Steve Zukowsky, Aaron Samson, Glenn Jost, and Victor Bender. The resumes of the band members speak for themselves, with the musicians having played with the likes of Bulletboys and Steven Adler (of Guns N Roses fame). Jost and Bender also have experience as members of the BoStyx Boston/Styx tribute band; I saw them play a concert here in Vegas several years ago and was blown away.

I eagerly await this night of rock and roll at the South Point next weekend… any fan of Queen will want a front-row seat for this one!

Tickets for this and all shows at South Point Showroom are available at the South Point Hotel/Casino Box Office - get yours here: South Point Box Office Tickets

Photo Credit: Ricardo A Photography courtesy of DMK Publicity- for promotional use only all rights reserved

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