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On Friday September 30, 2022 Max and Iggor Cavalera will be performing at the House of Blues, Las Vegas! Now, if you’re unaware of who this duo is… look no further at the landmark band, SEPULTURA. These two founded the band in the 1980’s. The band is most notable for their influence of the groove metal genre, but have also dipped into the realms and sounds of thrash, death, and nu-metal genres. For this run, Max & Iggor Cavalera will be performing select tracks from the albums; “Beneath the Remains” (1989) and “Arise.” (1991)

Las Vegas is the third date on this set run of dates, and with them, Max and Iggor are bringing along BEWITCHER. According to Metal Archives, Bewitcher is a black/speed metal band from Portland, OR. This band should bring a very complimentary sound and crowd energy wise to the venue.

The Cavalera’s

There are endless amounts of interviews and articles explaining the situational things between Max and Iggor, so I won’t go into those things. Because Sepultura is such a groundbreaking band in it’s own right, it only seems normal at this point that there is all that information out there. At any rate, from what I can gather about it all; the most important thing here is that these two brothers want to celebrate the music from this era, (1989-91) because of just how special their records from that time are.

While “Roots” is arguably their biggest and what they’re most known for, “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise” are both types of transitional records that led them to that big, big success that came afterwards with “Roots.” (Beneath the Remains is cited as one of the top thrash metal records of all time, along with also being cited as a top death metal record. How they did this, I have no idea. But it’s fucking awesome.)

With all of this, there had been talk and question whether or not Max & Iggor would ever reunite with the other members of Sepulture. In simple terms, Iggor responded recently to this via an interview on a smaller channel saying that he believes that he and his brother performing together IS the reunion. And you know what, he isn’t wrong.


As far as my own expectations, since I’ve only seen Soulfly once, and Sepultura never; I am excited to see the possibility of some renewed energy on the House of Blues stage for this show. Max with Soulfly was great, and I am looking forward to seeing both brothers play music from albums that are crucially important to thrash & groove metal, (yeah, I’m not going to go off about my groove metal fandom again here, haha.) along with them overall having fun and jamming out on stage!

For tickets and venue information head on over to the House of Blues event page HERE

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Listen to “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise” below!

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