Author: JT Melanson

  • Welcome to New Helghan – KillZone: Shadow Fall on PS4

    When the PS4 launched in November of 2013, amongst the launch titles was a sequel to an established franchise, KillZone. To say this installment had buzz surrounding it would be a massive understatement, everyone I knew was talking about how gorgeous the game looked, and how the PS4 was going to come in and completely […]

  • Hitting the Greens – Mario Golf World Tour Review

    From the moment I got my first 3DS back in 2011, I had a craving for something that seemed like it would be insatiable for the longest time: a good, exclusive golf game for the system. Fast forward to early 2013 and suddenly I found out there was one coming, a new Mario Golf game […]

  • Rayman Legends Review

    Rayman Legends is a charming and dare I say whimsical game that delivers a classic, nostalgic feeling in spades, all the while bringing something fresh to the table. The game underwent a bunch of tweaks during its long development and shift from Wii U exclusive to multiplatform release, a move that actually caused a ton […]

  • Super Mario 3D World Review

    Super Mario 3D World Review

      I just have a question for everyone here, who loves Mario? Haters are going to hate, but honestly, there’s a reason why Mario is the king of the platforming genre. From his arcade debut in 1982 thanks to Donkey Kong where he was known simply as “Jumpman”, all the way to present day, Mario […]



    In 2003 the sequel to Fatal Frame, a game many consider niche, but hailed by its fans as one of the greatest survival horror games of all time was released on the PlayStation 2. An X-Box port with enhanced features including a new ending was released a year later in 2004. Upon its release, the […]