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  • When We Were Young Sideshows!

    When We Were Young Sideshows!

    In the wake of all the When We Were Young festival madness; it was recently announced that there would be a number of side show attractions around the city. Ya know, just in case you were one of the many who tried to get tickets but ended up getting bumped off the crazy packed servers […]

  • LAS RAGEOUS: Year Three at DLVEC!

    LAS RAGEOUS: Year Three at DLVEC!

    All the variety!     October 18th and 19th are the set days for this year’s annual Las Rageous music festival. This is the third year this festival is taking place at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. This time though, it is (obviously) being put on in the fall as opposed to past years being […]

  • The Final Warped Tour – Las Vegas

    The Final Warped Tour – Las Vegas

      Van’s Warped Tour Final Cross Country Tour Las Vegas, June 29, 2018 Downtown Las Vegas Event Center Most people know of Warped Tour as being one of the largest traveling festivals in the country. Kevin Lyman has put this festival on every year since 1995, and sometime last fall it was announced that 2018 […]

  • Extreme Thing 2014

    If you’ve lived in Vegas for more than a year, no matter who you are, then you’ve heard of Extreme Thing. The annual festival put on by X 107.5 is usually on the last weekend of March, and has the most diverse lineup of Rock, Metal, EDM, Pop, Punk, Hardcore, and Ska. There is also […]

  • The Used and Taking Back Sunday Rock Extreme Thing

    I stood in the packed crowd of Desert Breeze Skate Park at the Extreme Thing festival, taking in the smell of cigarettes, sweat, and beer from the folks surrounding me. Excitement filled my heart and butterflies flapped in my stomach as I waited for a band that I had known and loved for a decade, […]