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In the wake of all the When We Were Young festival madness; it was recently announced that there would be a number of side show attractions around the city. Ya know, just in case you were one of the many who tried to get tickets but ended up getting bumped off the crazy packed servers back when tickets for the main festival went on sale. 

Very similar to how Punk Rock Bowling takes over all the downtown venues with their club shows; WWWY will be taking over the Pearl Concert Theater at The Palms, House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay, and the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas venues. 

October 21, 2022

Perhaps the busiest day of the side shows; on this day you’ll have the opportunity to see A DAY TO REMEMBER, THE USED, MOVEMENTS, & MAGNOLIA PARK at The Pearl. While that’s going on; at Brooklyn Bowl there will be a Strange 90’s show featuring STORY OF THE YEAR, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS & THE SUMMER SET. Along with that, Electric Feels: Indie Rock Dance Party will be taking place at the House of Blues. 

October 22, 2022

A less hectic day will be seen with the Emo Night Brooklyn feat Anthony Raneri (Bayside) and Shane Told (Silverstein). For those unaware of the emo night events; these were regular events pre covid where all of us emo and post hardcore kids could dance and mingle among eachother while enjoying all of the music we all fell in love with. To see these two guests specifically should be an absolute treat!

October 23, 2022

A relatively relaxed day as well with this date. The Maine and Mayday Parade are both well known upbeat feel good pop punk bands that are sure to hit you right in the nostalgia feels where you’re wanting it. 

October 28, 2022

Closing out the side shows a week later will be another round of Emo Night Brooklyn. This one will feature Buddy Nielson of Senses Fail. I’ve always had a soft spot for Senses Fail so I love this, personally. I also heard that Buddy has found himself a home here in Vegas, so that’s also pretty cool!

Closing thoughts:

As I mentioned above, I think this was a nice touch to an already stacked festival line up. This gives way more opportunity for more fans to partake and enjoy some of this music that blew up back in the early 2000’s. Music that seemingly captivated a good chunk of my generation. 

Which shows will we see you at!? Let us know! For tickets and more information about the When We Were Young Fest, head on over to the official website HERE.

Also check out the most popular fan made When We Were Young Spotify playlist below!

By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, editor, and writer. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Avid music lover, but favorites include thrash metal, deathcore, metalcore, and post hardcore. - Photography is my passion, and I've carried cameras around for as long as I can remember. I endlessly strive for the constant growth and capabilities this medium can offer. Nothing makes me happier than capturing emotions that I see, and sharing my knowledge in how I did it. - I have an undying love for my local music scene, having been a part of it since my teens.

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