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Jeff Beck live at the Pearl @ the Palms


What Jeff Beck does with his fingers is what has made him a famed "Guitar God" and what makes him stand out from the rest of his peers. His funky style mixed with blues and free flowing beauty is unlike no other. After 12 years of being a fan, I never thought I'd get to have a Jeff Becklive experience... but as usual, unexpected things happen.

His backing band is just as incredible as he is, and was awe inspiring impressive. We got a drum solo, numerous violin solos, bass solos, shared guitar duties... and all so effortlessly. All out rocking moments, emotional interludes, songs spanning from the "good ol days" to more recent offerings. Everyone in the band has a very specific role, and their tightness was impeccable. World class musicians, indeed.


It may have been a fairly odd pairing with The Beach B... err Brian Wilson (with Al Jardine and David Marks), and Jeff Beck. But how often are you gonna see 1 show with 2 sets of legends like that? The vibes and mood were completely different. But in the end, when the entirety of both bands came out to jam some classic Beach Boys hits with some doodles from Jeff, it all made for good fun and way to send the folks home happy.

Definitely being one of the youngest people there, I promise I won't be forgetting this show until I have memory loss. I consider myself lucky to have experienced something like that, at this stage of their game. And I can only thank Zrock'R magazine for giving me the opportunity.

~  Marcus Miller

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