Author: Marcus Miller

  • Deadstar Assembly- Blame It On The Devil In Stores Now!

      The first thing I’m going to mention is the fact that I hate that in 13 years this band is only releasing their 4th album and it usually takes 4-5 years between albums. I’m sure there’s a big number of factors behind that, I’m just complaining because I like this band a lot and […]

  • Death in Motion – Dias De Los Muertos… Metal from Vegas

    A diverse music scene with more competition than comradery comes a group of guys who care about their music scene, as well as proving through hardwork and determination, that they want to be the best. Clearly, their music won’t be all over the radio, but that doesn’t mean there’s no selling point. Something I can […]

  • An Evening With Machine Head @ Vinyl

      And with this… Hear me now! Imperium, the first track off of 2003’s Through the Ashes of Empires exploded and began this epic adventure through the 20+ year career of one of the biggest “underground” bands in the US and certainly a flag-bearer for the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. A tired and […]

  • The House of Blues was In Flames, and All That Remains is a Wovenwar ( see what we did there?)

      Technically, Wovenwar is a brand new band. In essence, however, Wovenwar is an established group of veterans who happened to basically start over due to highly unfortunate circumstances. It’s no secret that As I Lay Dying ended very abruptly, and that was 100% credited to singer and founder, Tim Lambesis and his plotting to […]

  • Chatting With Shane Blay of Wovenwar

      The interview was supposed to start before the show, but due to some complications with getting the guestlist available at the box office, as well as Shane having a sinus infection, we postponed the interview until after the show. SO, after Wovenwar’s performance, I got a text from Shane saying he was ready to […]