Missing Mom – The New Film from Rob McCallum!

Missing Mom is the new documentary from Rob McCallum, one of the creative minds behind Nintendo Quest and its Power Tour follow-up. But this time around, things are on a much more personal level. McCallum, now residing in Las Vegas, sets out on a personal journey to reconnect with the mother that disappeared from he and his brother’s lives when they were just young boys.

Flying back to Canada, McCallum must team with his brother and other family members and friends, in an effort to track down a mother who disappeared over two decades ago, and who has apparently lived in different parts of Canada under different names, no less. Obviously, it will require plenty of different methods and strategies to find the necessary leads, including connections with people in law enforcement positions, and interviews with family and friends alike. Throughout it all are a number of unexpected revelations, truth, conflict, and surprises. McCallum claims he will give his search a year… but will that be enough time?


Missing Mom is the latest film from Rob McCallum.


Everyone has had some sort of family drama in their life, and it is perhaps because of this that Missing Mom is going to hit close to home for a number of audiences. Regardless of who you are, even if you have never had a missing relative or gone missing yourself, the film is relatable on a number of levels.

The premise here is simple enough; McCallum and his brother want to reconnect with their long gone mother… but where do they even begin? What starts small quickly escalates into something larger; our heroes literally go from zero leads aside from memories and old photos/videos, to countless potential hits that may or may not be valid. Throughout the course of the film, how to tackle the growing number of leads becomes one of the most interesting aspects of it all. What follows here ends up being something with many interesting twists and turns, and a rather unexpected conclusion as well. Admittedly, with so many personalities in the film, I did have a tough time keeping up with who was who on a number of occasions, but it did not impact my enjoyment of the movie.


The film follows a journey to find a long missing family member, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances over two decades ago.
The film follows a journey to find a long missing family member, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances over two decades ago.


It is hard to write a good review for this film without giving too much away, so I am going to keep it fairly brief, simple and to the point. Missing Mom is a powerful and relatable film; there is definitely something in it all that will hit close to home for you and make the message all the more powerful. Highly recommended!


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