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Silverstein – ‘Misery Made Me’ tour hitting BBLV!

How many times have I (or we?) seen Silverstein!? At this point, I couldn’t even give you a number. They are up there on my concert counts list alongside bands like Senses Fail and August Burns Red whom I’ve seen probably a dozen times. The counts don’t matter that much, I don’t think. I just love seeing these guys play live. I’ve only missed them a couple of times in all the years they have been coming to Vegas. The last time they hit a Vegas stage was for When We Were Young last October. 

This tour just kicked off not that long ago (3/23) and the Canadian post hardcore/emo masters have been posting all sorts of content and photos showcasing the energy of their sold out dates. I never get tired of seeing this. I love that these guys still pull a crowd the way they do after all these years. I can’t speak for all of the elder millennials out there, but I definitely feel like this is a mutual feeling for us, with bands like this. 

Silverstein will be hitting Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas this time around on April 19th. They are touring in support of their album Misery Made Me, which was released last year. The deluxe version of the album will be released this Friday, (April 7, 2023). Tour support for this run are Dayseeker (CA), SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY (CA), and One Step Closer (PA)

As I sit here and spin the new record, I can’t help but think about how these guys still pull at all the right heart strings, and provoke the same intense energy within me. I don’t think they have any bad albums now that I really think about it. I really connect with “Ultraviolet” and “Bankrupt”. Just something about those songs makes me really happy. They just hit for me. I absolutely recommend any long time fan to listen to this record if they haven’t already. Refreshed energy and growth while still maintaining elements of that older sound that made them so popular to begin with. 

Who will we be seeing out there on the Brooklyn Bowl floor for this one!? Let us know!
For tickets and more information about Silverstein head on over to their Official Website or Brooklyn Bowl’s official website!

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I highly recommend checking out Silverstein vocalist Shane Told’s podcast! It’s a great listen about new releases, tours, and lead singer shit!

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