Author: Lu Frith

  • Arms of America as U2- A Tribute to the Myth and Music at Compendium: Rockin’ the Las Vegas Strip

    The Compendium Show is the latest premier Rock N’ Roll residency on the Las Vegas Strip. Housed at the Sin City Theatre inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Mezzanine. Every Thursday through Sunday at 10 p.m., Las Vegas’ top tribute acts present a “compendium” of popular artists.     Compendium combines the […]

  • Marching Into The Sun- The March Violets at LVCS- 24, June, 2014

      I nearly fell off my chair when I found out The March Violets would be stopping off in Las Vegas as part of their 2014 Into The Sun Tour. Clearly, I am a HUGE fan! That has been the case since I was a teen-aged, angst-ridden lass roaming the streets of Chicago. Circa…1984. To […]

  • How George Clinton Connected Me to The Mothership

    Not long ago, Dr. George Clinton announced his last concert tour.  His appearance on Saturday May 3rd at the Las Vegas Country Saloon may well be my last chance to see The P-Funk Overlord, live and in person.  This lucky reviewer got that chance…and it was a magnificent!  This 72yr old brought “the funk, the […]

  • JENN O CIDE:  Sideshow Auteur

    JENN O CIDE: Sideshow Auteur

    Sideshow – Secondary or extra production associated with a circus, carnival, fair or other such attraction. Since the 1600’s, the sideshow has seen it’s share of ups and downs. When popularity rose, careers could be made for those in the business of Freak Show Attractions. When popularity dwindled, so did the number of sideshows. Despite […]

  • The Public Trust: It’s Not A Bank

    The Public Trust: It’s Not A Bank

    The first thing I noticed about the band The Public Trust, at the Viper Room, was the audience. They were actually watching the performance. The bar was a barren wasteland. There were no giggling club bunnies, sexting each other’s boyfriends. No couples snogging against the posts. All eyes were on Mike Rossi (vox), Dallas Ybarra (drums), Daniel […]