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  • GUITARS AND GEAR: The Teton Acoustics 150C Acoustic Guitar

      Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was up in Colorado, visiting my dad. (I recorded my first album, Earthbound, at his home in Estes Park.) Upon landing in Denver, our group, consisting of me, my dad, my brother, and my sister-in-law, visited a brewery, a distillery, and were headed to another brewery. My brother pointed out […]

  • GUITARS AND GEAR: Sterling by Music Man JP-70 7-String Guitar

        I used to be in the Army. My job was “Guitar Player.” One of my additional duties was apparently convincing my (non-guitar-playing) supervisors of my need for various equipment. I had submitted a purchase request for an Ernie Ball/Music Man John Petrucci model 7-string guitar. My boss was a tuba player. His question: […]

  • GUITARS AND GEAR: Kramer Guitars – The Old School Has A New Class

    A great deal of variables go into a guitar players sound. Amps, effects, guitars, pickups, fingers; the list could go on for days. At the core of it all is the guitar you use. It’s the most direct medium between you and your speakers. It needs to be something that not only suits you in […]

  • Unchained!


    There’s nothing like a good guitar cable, right? What about no cable at all? For a couple years now I’ve desired to ditch the leash and go wireless with my axe. Even if I’m not running around the venue every other song like a monkey on a unicycle, there’s a certain freedom that comes just […]

  • The Marshall DSL15H

    The Marshall DSL15H

    I’ve seen and heard a lot of guitarists moving to mini amp heads that are generally around 15 watts, small, and very easy to move. At first glance they look a tad weak standing next to a giant wall of Marshall. Being fair, you’ve got to try it before you knock it, so this month […]