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  • What’s that sound rising up from the Ft Worth music scene?

    What’s that sound rising up from the Ft Worth music scene?

    The name Deaf Angel isn’t implying that everyone in the band is hearing impaired. They have a deep respect for the hearing impaired community. The name is itself has many meetings. Tina best describes it as “at the uncertainty in the moment where you wonder if anyone is listening or if you have a deaf […]

  • Punk. Dead?

    Punk. Dead?

    As some of you may know, the Las Vegas community lost a huge supporter of the local music scene, Mike Schrimshaw, and some awesome local bands pulled together to raise funds for his family at local bar and venue, the Freakin’ Frog. One of these bands was Xomby; a local punk band fronted by the […]

  • Devil Wears Prada – A Taste of 8:18

    Devil Wears Prada – A Taste of 8:18

    For years Metalcore heavyweights The Devil Wears Prada have been setting standards for the scene with groundbreaking releases. From their debut album Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, and their uniquely themed Zombie EP, all the way to their most recently released pinnacle Dead Throne. They have never lost their faith and continue to be one […]

  • Up and coming…  PEACE

    Up and coming… PEACE

    Can you imagine spending 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the last 4 years with the same guys you grew up with? No, me neither. But Mike, Geoff, Dan and Connor make it seem like the most natural thing in the world. Or, at least, in British Columbia.   Q. – What’s […]

  • Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

    Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

    Ok, if you’re like me, you’ve been waiting 5 years for new Nine Inch Nails. Yeah yeah… there’s How to Destroy Angels. But that’s NOT Trent Reznor at his finest (though it is worth checking out if you’ve never listened, his wife is the vocalist). You won’t be confused when listening to Hesitation Marks. It’s […]