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Behold! The mighty Cattle Decapitation are about to make their way back to Las Vegas on December 13th. This time, they will be hitting 601 Fremont, which is one of my personal favorite blocks downtown. The flier that is promoting this show showcases a massive bill; so I can only assume that they will be opening up both sides of the venue for this banger.

The entire bill features the following: Cattle Decapitation, Unearth, Athiest, Darkest Hour, Primitive Man, Author & Punisher, Vitriol, plus our locals Gods of Hate. It also says more to be announced so we may see additional pieces of the heavier music in the Las Vegas scene showcased for this event; appropriately named “Holiday Hell Fest”; as it’s a little more than a week before Christmas.

Cattle Decapitation is also preparing to release their latest record in November, this show is among one of many in support of this new release. “Death Atlas” will be available at a record store near you on Black Friday, 11/29. Pre-orders are available for purchase HERE!

Darkest Hour & Unearth

While I couldn’t tell you much about Athiest, Primitive Man, Author & Punisher or Vitriol; I CAN tell you that every time I see Cattle Decapitation they tear up the venue. They have some of the best crowds and intense fans I’ve seen. But also, to be fair, I’ve only seen them in the small confined space that is The Dive Bar; and the energy in there can go from 1 to 100 REAL fast. It’ll be awesome to see them on the Fremont Country Club stage, assuming that’s the one they’ll be on.

I also happen to be a pretty big fan of Unearth and Darkest Hour. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw Darkest Hour, but I did catch Unearth’s set at Warped last year and I was beyond glad that I did. They paid tribute to our beloved Vinnie Paul, and all around put on one of my favorite sets of last year.

Darkest Hour is also promoting 25 years of their existence, which is always exciting. They came up during the peak time for post hardcore/metalcore in my opinion.

Overview of the rest of the bill!

Athiest – Founded in 1988, and are listed as progressive metal, but also are rooted in the death/thrash metal scene that blew up in Florida in the mid eightees. They are seen as leaders in their genre of music.


Primitive Man – Formed n 2012 in Denver, CO; listed as having a sound that is “savage, and a mix of sparse mix of death metal, blackened noise, and doom riffs” – as stated from their about info on their Facebook page.

Author & Punisher – Listed as industrial doom metal, formed in San Diego, CA in 2004.

Vitriol – Extreme/death metal band formed in 2011 in Portland, Oregon.

Local Support:

Las Vegas locals in GODS OF HATE and PARIAH WAS ONE are also listed on this bill. Both these bands recently opened up for The Black Dahlia Murder at this same venue, and they are highly thought of by my husband; who happens to be pretty picky with his tastes in music. You can check out his overall review of that show HERE.

The doors for this show are at 6pm and it is a 21+ event. Will we see you there? Let us know who you’re most excited for!

See you in the pit, Vegas!

By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, editor, and writer. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Avid music lover, but favorites include thrash metal, deathcore, metalcore, and post hardcore. - Photography is my passion, and I've carried cameras around for as long as I can remember. I endlessly strive for the constant growth and capabilities this medium can offer. Nothing makes me happier than capturing emotions that I see, and sharing my knowledge in how I did it. - I have an undying love for my local music scene, having been a part of it since my teens.

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